We are living in a time of heightened awareness of the perils facing our natural environment and of our direct and immediate responsibility for contributing to and maintaining its health. A significant part of that responsibility is that we dispose of our solid waste in an appropriate manner. In British Columbia, Metro Vancouver is at the forefront of environmental responsibility by maintaining a progressive program of solid waste management focused on reducing solid waste and diverting such of the remaining waste from transfer stations and landfills as possible to recycling facilities and facilities capable of converting waste to sustainable and renewable resources. Southern Cross is a proud participant in contributing to and ensuring that Metro Vancouver’s solid waste disposal goals are met, by providing a team of highly experienced inspectors whose mandate is to enforce the regulations governing solid waste disposal at facilities overseen by Metro Vancouver.


Southern Cross provides inspection services at the Vancouver Landfill Facility in Delta, B.C. where the City of Vancouver regulates the materials that are permitted for disposition at that facility. These materials are buried underground where they decompose over time.


Southern Cross’ primary inspection responsibilities involve enforcing the provincial, regional and municipal legislative standards diverting solid waste material from transfer stations and landfills to more appropriate recycling and reuse facilities whenever possible.

Waste to Energy

Southern Cross provides inspection services to Metro Vancouver at its Waste To Energy Facility in Burnaby B.C., where solid waste that cannot otherwise be recycled or reused is processed to recover energy, not only dispensing with waste, but creating a renewable resource.