Photo: © Arlen Redekop/The Province. Used with Permission.

Southern Cross Inspector Nicole Peers engulfed in mounds of trash at the B.C. Coquitlam Transfer Station.

Photo: © Rey Corpuz Photography. Used with Permission.

Southern Cross Inspector Deanne Hackett inspecting a load of garbage disposed of at the B.C. North Shore Transfer Station.

A B O U T    U S

Southern Cross Holdings Ltd. Is a private company incorporated in British Columbia in 1983 which has been involved in the solid waste disposal industry since its incorporation. Among its operations, Southern Cross has served Metro Vancouver in a variety of capacities for over 20 years. Southern Cross is the current contractual provider of solid waste facility and material bans inspection services to Metro Vancouver. These services form an integral part of ensuring that the waste diversion goals contemplated by provincial, regional and municipal legislation are not only complied with, but promoted.

Solid waste reduction goals are being achieved by strict adherence to provincial, regional and municipal legislation which clearly cites which solid waste materials must be diverted from mainstream disposal in landfills to other facilities specifically designed to receive them and to recycle them or otherwise dispose of them in a safe manner.

Southern Cross employs a team of highly experienced inspectors who are thoroughly trained in the theoretical aspects of the legislation governing solid waste disposal, and comprehensively trained in the practical aspects of enforcing that legislation by ensuring that prohibited and banned materials are not disposed of at solid waste disposal facilities owned, operated or overseen by Metro Vancouver. They are also extensively trained in conflict management and the very high safety standards that necessarily apply to disposal sites.


Southern Cross’ inspectors review the content of proposed disposals at solid waste facilities to determine if they contain banned or prohibited materials, and if such materials are found to be in a load, they advise facility customers that such materials are prevented from disposal. During this process, Southern Cross inspectors are often called upon to educate facility customers as to what constitutes a banned material and the reasons for that ban as it relates to overall waste diversion goals. Southern Cross inspectors suggest alternative sites for the disposal of the banned materials, and request that the offending load materials be re-directed to more appropriate facilities in order to avoid being issued a surcharge notice for a violation.

The matter of solid waste diversion is a constantly evolving one as new materials are added by legislation to promote waste reduction. Southern Cross is pleased to be an important participant in enforcing regulatory waste reduction and diversion legislation in aid of sustaining the health of our natural environment.